The first video from 1988 was taken by Rick LoBello on his trip into the Maderas Del Carmen Protected Area across from Big Bend National Park. On this trip Rick became convinced that the long proposed international park between Big Bend and Mexico was a very worthly effort deserving of his time and effort.   

1988 – Trip into the Maderas Del Carmen mountain range just east of Boquillas Canyon in the state of Coahuila.

2013- Message from Rick LoBello on the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains
Big Bend National Park

2013- “one great international park” From the South Rim I tried to capture the beauty of Big Bend National Park and beyond while reflecting on the famous words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 when he said “I do not believe that this undertaking in the Big Bend will be complete until the entire park area in this region on both sides of the Rio Grande forms one great international park.” Rick LoBello, July 7, 2013

2014- Maderas Del Carmen

2014 – Maderas Del Carmen with Fernando Serina Garza
February 18, 2014

2014- Cañón de Santa Elena

2015- NPS Chamizal National Memorial 80th Anniversary Celebration.  This celebration was held at Chamizal National Memorial in November of 2015, recognizing the 80th Anniversary of the first action between the U.S. and Mexico to form an International Park on the border in what is now Big Bend National Park.  There are 6 different video clips ranging in size from 51 seconds to 1 minute 31 seconds.