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This website was created and is sponsored by Rick LoBello.   It is dedicated to helping protect the Greater Big Bend Ecosystem.

A long list of people and organizations have supported conservation efforts in this part of the world for nearly 100 years.   One of the unfinished efforts has been the establishment of a transboundary protected area on the US Mexico border.   To learn more about this effort you can read a project summary, find a historical timeline and read “Just the Facts” frequently asked questions here.

The Greater Big Bend is a collection of protected areas in the Southwest U.S. and northern Mexico located within the Chihuahuan Desert eco-region.  Protected areas are managed by state and federal government agencies in Mexico and the United States and by non-profit organizations protecting natural areas through conservation easements.  Private landowners are important stakeholders who voluntarily help to protect the Chihuahuan Desert of the Greater Big Bend.  Funding that supports conservation efforts comes largely from taxpayers and recreational users in both countries making the number of people supporting the Greater Big Bend directly or indirectly over 441 million.

The following list of protected areas of the Great Big Bend Region of the Chihuahuan Desert in the Southwest US and northern Mexico is a work in progress.

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Wild and Scenic River
Big Bend Ranch State Natural Area
Black Gap Wildlife Management Area
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Castner Range National Monument (proposed)
Chamizal National Monument
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park
Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute and Nature Center
Davis Mountains Preserve
Davis Mountains State Park
Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Franklin Mountains State Park
Fort Davis National Historic Site
Hueco Tanks State Park
Jornada Experimental Range
Lincoln National Forest
Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument
Rio Grande Wetlands Park
Resler Canyon
Thunder Canyon
White Sands National Monument

Monumento Río Bravo del Norte in México
Maderas del Carmen Protected Area, Coahuila
Ocampo Natural Protected Area, Coahuila
Cañón de Santa Elena Protected Area, Chihuahua


Texas Regions Map, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


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