Conference Proceedings


By all accounts the 2019 Chihuahuan Desert Conference At the El Paso Zoo was a huge success. The presentations were of high quality and well received. The attendance was excellent. The meals were filling and satisfying. No one went wanting for information, food, good conversation or fellowship. The organizers and sponsors deserve a special thanks from the presenters and the persons in attendance.

In order to permanently document the conference,  Eric H. Metzler has volunteered to be the lead editor in preparation of a proceedings. The idea of the proceedings is a publication to be a PDF available for download. The proceedings will be a published book with an ISBN and available at no cost. Eric Metzler is now recruiting coeditors and presenters to make their transcripts available for the proceedings. The conference schedule, abstracts, bio-sketches of the authors, and other information are already available. These provide an excellent outline for a proceedings. For more information, contact Eric H Metzler: or Rick LoBello:



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