March 24, Discover Rio Bosque

Last Chance Event 08-11-15a (Jane Fowler)
Photo courtesy Jane Fowler

Rio Bosque Wetlands Park is one of El Paso’s outstanding wetland areas in the Lower Valley area of El Paso near the banks of the Rio Grande.   Rick LoBello will lead a short walk through the park on Saturday morning, March 24 from 9:30am to 10:30am.  Anyone interested in learning more about this natural area is invited to join Rick by meeting him at the Bosque Trailhead and Visitor Center.    For more information and directions visit the park’s website.

Rick is a member of the Greater Big Bend Coalition, a new conservation group forming in El Paso working to help protect the desert lands, rivers, mountains and wildlife of the Greater Big Bend Ecosystem of Texas and northern Mexico.  The region stretches across the US/Mexico Rio Grande border and includes nearly 8000 square miles of protected lands in US National Parks, Texas State Parks and Protected Areas in Mexico.  For more information visit


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