Communication Team meets

2016BigBend 266
Giant bolder along the trail inside Santa Elena Canyon on the Texas side of the US Mexico border in Big Bend National Park.  Hidden from view the Rio Grande flows to the left.   The canyon walls on the far left are part of the Cañón de Santa Elena, Área de Protección in Chihuahua, Mexico.   Photo by Rick LoBello


The Greater Big Bend Coalition Communications Team met on Saturday, June 10 to discuss goals for the coming year.   Team members include Pavlova Sheffield,
John Fahey and Dra. Natalia Savchenko.

John will coordinate the GBBC Facebook page so that we can have daily posts of news items from the Greater Big Bend Region.     Pavlova and Natalia will be redesigning our website to include pages in Spanish.   Anyone wishing to join this committee can contact GBBC Chair, Rick LoBello, at

The GBBC leadership team will meet again on Saturday, June 17, 2017  from 2-3:30 pm at ARMIJO BRANCH LIBRARY  620 E. 7th Street in El Paso.   Anyone interested in attending is welcome.


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