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I first met Roger Siglin in 1977 when he was the Chief Ranger in Yellowstone National Park and I was a Ranger Naturalist in the Norris Geyser Basin.   After he retired in Alpine we became friends and we have been staying in close contact for years.   Recently Roger and I have been doing our best to encourage Congressman Will Hurd to help protect Big Bend National Park.  When Roger sent me a copy of his recent note to the Congressman I asked him if I could share it with others.  You can read it below.

I want to encourage everyone who loves Big Bend and our national parks to speak out not only to Congressman Hurd, who is probably doing more right now than any elected official to help protect the park, but also to other elected officials especially if you do not live in Congressman Hurd’s district.  It only takes a few minutes to make a phone call or drop a few lines like the message you can read here.

Thanks Roger for all the ways you are speaking out to help protect the greatest gift the state of Texas ever gave the nation – Big Bend National Park.   I know that you are not only a man of words, but also a man of action.

Rick LoBello

Email to Congressman Will Hurd from Roger Siglin, February 11, 2017

Dear Mr Hurd,

We have met a couple of times and I have been impressed with your concern for the people of the Big Bend area. I hope in you new position with the US Mexico group you can help achieve the kind of border security the country demands and at the same time preserve the beauty of the Big Bend region. I know you do not support a border wall and neither do the mayor of Presidio, and the sheriffs of Brewster and Presidio counties. I have lived and worked in the Big Bend country of and on for 50 years, starting as a park ranger in 1966. A physical wall or fence and 80 to 120 ft. towers on the south boundary of the National Park and along the canyons of the Rio Grande would destroy the wild values for which the area is known.

Roger Siglin