BigBendApril14to17.2012 467
Boquillas Canyon from Big Bend National Park in Texas (left) and the Maderas del Carmen Protected Area in Coahuila, Mexico.

The Greater Big Bend Coalition is a conservation organization protecting the desert lands, rivers, mountains and wildlife of the Greater Big Bend Ecosystem of Texas and northern Mexico.  The region stretches across the US/Mexico Rio Grande border and includes nearly 8000 square miles of protected lands in US National Parks, Texas State Parks and Protected Areas in Mexico.

One of the top priorities of the Greater Big Bend Coalition is to gain public support to establish the now 80 year old proposal to establish a Big Bend International Park.   Other priorities and issues include protecting parks and other natural areas from new roads and oil and gas development, political and non-political threats faced internally and externally, and making sure that the parks are not only protected, but also restored to natural conditions as close as possible to the pre-european settlement of North America.

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